Injuries at the workplace affect worker productivity and the overall functioning of the workplace. Given this situation, it is crucial to have proper procedures in place to reduce the number of workplace injuries. Although there are a significant amount of safety procedures in developed countries to prevent accidents that occur while working, sometimes mishaps do take place owing to the risky nature of certain jobs and employee carelessness.

Work injury compensation insurance is mandatory in most countries for manual jobs and certain other types of jobs. The employer insures all the employees against any injury that occurs while on the job. Despite the guarantee of monetary compensation to the injured worker, work injury compensation does not offer any amount to penalise the employer for failure to follow the safety procedures.

There are other options. For example, if the injury is due to a defective appliance, the worker can bring a product liability action suit against the employer. Also if any damage takes place while working with toxic substances that does not involve employee negligence, a lawsuit can be filed against the manufacturer of the toxic substance. However it the time taken by the courts to judge these lawsuits might be quite long and there is no guarantee that the plaintiff might get the expected compensation. As a result, it is essential that all possible steps are taken to prevent accidents in the workplace. The rest of the article will describe the different types of injuries that occur in the workplace.

Spinal Injuries

Jobs that involve heavy weights can cause injuries to the spine that might require surgery and a long recovery time.

Trauma Injuries

The mining, construction and manufacturing industries involve a significant risk of an object falling on a worker. The traumatic injuries caused by this type of accident can be quite serious.

Machine Injuries

Injuries caused by carelessness while handling machines affect the extremities, as these body parts are exposed to the machines. In many unfortunate cases, workers can lose an arm or a leg in these types of accidents.

Repetitive Motion Injuries

Injuries like Carpal Tunnel syndrome, a medical condition caused by the compression of the median nerve at the carpal tunnel in the wrist, can occur in jobs that involve performing the same repetitive motion repeatedly. Computer-related jobs and certain jobs in manufacturing are good examples of jobs where this type of injury might take place.

Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals

Workers in industries that involve exposure to hazardous substances suffer illnesses like lung diseases and eye degeneration in the long term.

Given the risk factors mentioned above, it is very important that precautions are taken not only by the employer but also the government to ensure adequate worker safety.

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