DSRC and Connected Vehicle Technology

One of the most talked about development in the automotive sector in the recent times has been that of connectivity. The very first connected vehicle technology called OnStar was launched around two decades ago. The technology today offers a host of features like parking and traffic information and software updates over the air. It is a crucial enabler for implementation of automated vehicles.

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Connected vehicle technology: To ensure vehicle and passenger safety

Till date, two-way connectivity was something used only by the various cellular networks. At times the occupant�s phone is used and often a phone is embedded in a vehicle itself. At present, the federal government of the United States has proposed a compulsory implementation of a less than one km (short range) communication system for V2V or vehicle to vehicle as well as V2X (vehicle to anything) communications mainly to help safety applications. It is being accomplished with the help of the automotive sector. Similar proposals are also being discussed in Europe as well as in other continents. The V2V communication runs on the DSRC technology.

A small background will throw better light on the development happening on this front. The V2X technology can be classified as low latency and short range. There is an application called Intersection Movement Assistant offering features like a red light warning or a 4-way stop. Here, a broadcast is made by a signal to the car so that there is scope for prediction whether it will be entering the intersection on red or green.

There is a capability to support various kinds of vehicle interactions and address different kinds of accidents. However, automaker should have the necessary experience with this technology prior to using it more complicated applications.

The information related to the vehicle position is extremely important, which is transmitted by the communications system. The system offers high reliability with which these messages pass high security and low latency. It is a Wi-Fi-based system that is going through development since the late nineties by the automotive sector along with governments from different parts of the world.

Safety system should always operate well

A guiding principle of any good safety system is that it should work well. It should function well not only when the vehicle was manufactured but throughout the vehicle’s lifecycle. It is hardly acceptable if the brakes of your vehicle stop functioning after 2 decades. It is also undesirable when your airbags do not function after a decade when its warranty is over.

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