Magnetic Therapy-Some Facts and Myths

While magnetic therapy is not a mainstream therapy for pain management yet, its popularity is increasing by leaps and bounds. You can draw parallels between acupuncture and magnetic therapy in this repect. Although acupuncture is an acknowledged alternative medical therapy, it was looked upon with suspicion just 20-30 years ago.

As time passed, the obvious merits of the acupuncture therapy enjoyed by the patient have been communicated. The primary reason for the acceptance of acupuncture as an alternative medical therapy is the anecdotal outcomes and innumerable successful blind trials. It is a similar situation for magnetic therapy today.
The detractors of acupuncture the magnetic therapy argue that it does not have any basis on which it can work. However, the same set of people had a similar opinion about acupuncture some years ago. The doubters also feel that there is hardly any clinical evidence of the effectiveness of magnetic therapy. It is also not true since the effectiveness is dependent more on what is getting measured and the way tests are conducted.

Check out some of the common myths associated with magnetic therapy:

Myth 1: Wearing more than one PIP magnetic patch can be harmful
Incidents of side effects of wearing magnetic patches are yet to be reported. After all, magnets are safe and natural and when you wear multiple magnetic devices, there is a possibility of receiving more health benefits. Thus, there is no problem when you wear or use more than one magnetic patch simultaneously.

Myth 2: If a magnet is bigger in size, it is stronger
The market today has magnets available in innumerable strength, sizes, and shapes. It is imperative to understand that when a magnet has a bigger surface area, it is able to generate a bigger magnetic field.� However, if such a magnet does not possess high strength, it cannot penetrate deep into your tissues. On the other hand, although a magnet may be small in size and producing a relatively smaller magnetic field, its strength can be quite high. Thus, it is capable of penetrating deep into your tissues to the actual points of pain. So, strength is a more important factor than the size.

Myth 3: Wearing a magnetic device can help in easing the pain in all body parts
The effectiveness of a magnetic patch is higher when it is placed directly over the pain area. A magnetic patch can help in relieving pain in your elbow, knee or wrist. In other words, the effect of a magnetic field is localized and cannot penetrate all over a body simultaneously. So, it cannot help in reducing pain in some other parts of your body.

With these information, you should be better informed at what is reliable product information and what is not. When you choose a product for pain relief, you should choose PIP Elekiban as it is reliable and has been known to alleviate pain in many of its users.

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